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Developed for the cutting edge Crosslight Pro6, the 500g CXd fork is a great way to upgrade your CX bike to a front disc brake.Features: Full carbon monocoque with stiff UD carbon blades and huge mud clearance to accommodate even the largest CX tub or high volume commute tyre Hose clip on the rear of the LHS blade and the crown and dropouts are eyeleted for mudguard fitment Post-mount caliper attachment Steerer: Carbon 1-1/8 inch 1.5 inch, 300mm Wheel Size:700c Dropouts:QR Rake: 45 Crown Height: 395mm Weight: 500g Please BuyKinesis Frames & Forksfrom my recommend store.

The 44 Micro Switch TA forks are ideal for trail riding, skilled Cross Country riders, pretty steep slopes and obstacles not to be sniffed at. Performance is an attitude. Features: Weight:1980g/4.37lbsDamping:(L) - TST MICRO, (R) - SWITCH TASpring: AirCrown: Matching Stanchions: 32mm Espresso TreatmentBrake System: 6 post mount Axle:15mm QRMaximum Rotor Size:203mmTechnologies: Espresso Coating: Thats what you need, every morning! The Espresso boosts your performance keeping you focused on all the issues that really matter. No friction, only control. The proprietary Espresso coating is the latest evolution in anodizing process that allowed to increase durability and stiffness of the stanchion tubes by decreasing friction and keeping tolerances tight as never before. The feeling you get is unique with an incredible riding confidence by feeling each single roughness of the terrain being washed away by the suspension. Only with a real perception of control you will have the chance to ride beyond your limits and once you taste it you cant forget it. Switch TA: It's the Marzocchi patented hydraulic travel adjust system available on 55 and 44 mountain bike fork models. The travel change of 40mm (on the 55 series) or 30mm (on the 44 series), maximizes the comfort level on any terrain with a travel adjust system that does not affect the damping or the preload. The basic idea behind the system has been around for a while: in 2001, Marzocchi first developed ECC Extension Climb Control which was later updated with the widely successful- ETA Extension Travel Adjust. With the STA systems Marzocchi can boast to have been the first to offer climbing specific travel reduction systems that reduce axle to crown length making steep climbs much easier and more comfortable. The fork is optimized to smoothly adapt to any terrain without any effort from the rider. Based on the same focus that first had us develop the ECC system back in 2001, Marzocchi R&D have perfected the idea in the Switch TA and turned it into an hydraulic system. With one simple switch of a knob, you can fundamentally change the parameters of your mountain biking experience by exactly the change you expect- precise to the millimeter. Switch TA uniquely differs from other travel adjust systems because the mountain bike fork automatically re-extends without pulling back up on the bars. Its easy and simple while still ensuring buttery smooth travel in both the reduced or extended settings, right from the beginning of the stroke. TST Micro: To ensure a forks ideal performance, it is key to keep oil and air completely separate. Marzocchi were the first to introduce a bladder system on a mountain bike cartridge; a design taken from motocross technology. The bladder can inflate to expand when the shaft goes inside without any air getting in. Slightly redesigned to reach perfection, the TST Micro is the latest step in a forward evolution of our closed cartridge hydraulic system. The red knob on the lower part of the fork leg adjusts rebound; the black top lever activates the Micro system controlling compression. The Micro adjustment located in the middle of the top left knob sets the threshold valve in order to offer maximum traction and control on any terrain and combining it with any riding style. Lockout is activated quick and easy to not hold you back from your uphill adventure. Please BuyMarzocchi Forksfrom my recommend store.

'Inceptiv' means relating to or marking the beginning of something;" and this forks marks the beginning of a whole new style for Shadow Conspiracy.Featuring the new King Crown -the junction where the fork legs meet the steering tube, which is oversized and larger than traditional BMX forks with a 38mm diameter. This increases weld surface area and thus strength, allows for the use of larger diameter legs and dissipates stress. You'll notice also the taped legs and investment cast dropouts for a clean look without sacrificing any strength. Features: Material: 100 percent heat-treated chromoly tubing, anti-rust ED coatingSteerer: 165mm long 1-piece machined steerer tube, integrated bearing raceLegs:Butted and tapered fork legs with larger tyre clearance to fit 2.40 tyresDropout size: 6mm thick Investment cast drop outsOffset: 26mm offsetWeight: 36.2oz Please Buy Shadow Conspiracy Forks from my recommend store.

Genuine Manitou replacement part.Features: Fits: Nixon Elite 2006 Please BuyManitou Componentsfrom my recommend store.


Genuine Manitou replacement partFeatures: O Ring Kit - R7 Please Buy Manitou Forks from my recommend store.

Genuine Manitou replacement Air Piston Quad Seal Rebuild Kit for Mattoc forks. Please Buy Manitou Forks Spares from my recommend store.

This is a genuine 20mm Travel Spacer from Fox Suspension that is designed to reduce the travel of your forks by 20mm. It will work with Float and Vanilla series forks. Features:Genuine Fox Suspension part20mm reducer Please Buy Fox Frames & Forks from my recommend store.

These Limelight forks from Total BMX are a slightly more tapered than the Guy Fawkes Forks and have integrated Crown Race. They weight in a slightly more too but are said to be even more durable.The main difference is that the Limelight forks feature a shorter offset of 31.6mm, making them more responsive and better for the more technical rider.Features: Steerer Length:168mm Offset:31.6mm Top Cap:H25/6mm Allen Key Material: 4130 Chromoly Dropout: 10mm Weight: 1.7kg Please BuyTotal BMX Forksfrom my recommend store.


Rebound assembly for the Magnum Comp fork. Features: Genuine Manitou replacement part Please Buy Manitou Forks from my recommend store.

Colony Dagger BMX Forks

$129.95 - $134.95

Colony's Dagger forks are manufactured from full chromoly and are the signature forks of dirt and freestyle legend Ryan Guettler. Features: Material: Full heat-treated CrMo Legs: Exclusive spiral fluted single butted Steerer Tube: Full CNC machined one-piece fluted with internal Oversized blowholes Bearing Race: Built-in Dropouts: 5mm thick with CNC detail Crown: CNC detail in fork crown. Top Cap: 7075T6 Alloy Top Cap uses 3/8 socket wrench to adjust. Axle: 3/8 & 14mm (Black only) axle slots Offset: 32mm Weight: 873 grams (1.92lbs) Please Buy Colony Forks from my recommend store.

Marzocchi Seal Kit

$41.49 - $46.49

Complete seal kit consisting of 2 oil seals and 2 dust deals. Get your forks serviced at my recommend store Click Here for Forks Workshop Please Buy Marzocchi Forks from my recommend store.

The Lynskey Endurance Carbon Disc Brake specific fork is designed for roadbikes whose intended use is endurance events such as Sportives and Century rides, commuting, or light touring. It is also suited perfectly for use in cyclocross racing.Features: Disc brake specific carbon blade design to properly manage the increased forces generated by disc brakesSaddle style cable guide accepts either standard full cable housing or hydraulic lineStandard 9mm Quick Release type dropouts accept wide variety of hubs and wheels.Built in standard fender mounts on dropouts and fork crown for solid mounting of all types of fenders52mm of clearance at tire location accepts virtually all road or cyclocross tire offeringsWeight: 684gAxle to Crown:397mmFork Rake:45mmFork Material: CarbonSteerer Material: AluminumSteerer Size:1-1/8 Inch StraightAxle Type:9mm QRWheel Size:700cBrake Type: DiscMaximum Rotor Diameter:160mmMount Options: Rack and Fender MountsFinish: Matte Satin with see Thru Carbon Weave and Lynskey Crest and Logos Please Buy Lynskey Forks from my recommend store.

With the Mainiac Hi-Ten Forks, Failure is offering a bombproof fork at an extremely affordable price whilst keeping the weight to a minimum using a CrMo steerer tube and tapered fork legs. These forks perform to the highest standard, but won't break the bank and as an added bonus, they look the part too!Features: Made from Hi-Tensile Steel CrMo 1.1/8" steerer tube Tapered fork legs 10mm dropouts Please BuyFailure Frames & Forksfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Genuine Manitou replacement part. Features: Stance Rebound Damping Assembly 2005 Please Buy Manitou Frames & Forks from my recommend store.


Genuine DVO replacement external spares for the Emerald Fork. Please Buy DVO Forks from my recommend store.

Genuine Manitou replacement CSA for the Magnum Comp fork. Using the science of smooth all Manitou products are designed to conquer the toughest terrain. Please Buy Manitou Forks from my recommend store.

The DK RTV2 20mm fork is constructed from 4130 CrMo tubing with a 1-pc triple butted steerer tube, integrated lower bearing race, alloy compression bolt and butted & tapered fork legs for weight savings.Features:Height: 315mmSteerer Tube Length: 163mmBearing Race: IntegratedOffset: 30mmCompression Bolt: 25 x 1.5mmWeight: 34.7oz Please BuyDK Frames & Forksfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


The most advanced suspension fork ever created. DVO is short for Developed and DVO is a new suspension company with over 80 years of suspension building, tuning, designing, and riding experience.The DVO Emerald Fork is the result of decades worth of experience in suspension building & tuning. There's a lot to be said about starting with a clean sheet of paper & a wish list of features when executed correctly, produce the ultimate suspension fork. Their goal wasn't to reinvent the wheel, just take a different approach to making it & applying existing knowledge to the unique requirements of high performance mountain bike suspension. For example, DVOs damping requirements are inspired by motocross & dynamic valving but applied to mountain bikes where chassis are lighter & humans are the motor. Another example is the Carbon Torsion Arch....Pure Stroke of Genius never been done before kinda stuff.Features: Advanced piston and shim stack designs Wide and smooth adjustability range for both compression and rebound Quality materials for every part Advanced cartridge designs with strong reliability and serviceability Hand-assembly with an elevated level of quality control Easy and intuitive product service that emphasizes customer support and spare parts availability Education including weekly videos on set-up, tuning, and servicing Products engineered by riders for riders Weight: 2950g without CTA Trail: 26" - 121.75mm, 27.5" - 121.75mm Offset: 26 - 44mm, 27.5 - 49.92mm Damping:Twin Tube Open Bath Cartridge, High-low speed compression damping through advanced dynamic Emerald valving Spring: Linear optimised air chamber Adjustments:Adjustable Negative Springs - Negative coil springs with adjustable preload allows fine tuning for different main spring air pressures, Air Spring - 2900-3000g Steerer: Tapered Aluminium Crown:Patent pending Carbon torsion arch/Hex core carbon features proprietary lay-up and increases torsional stiffness at the wheel by 50 percent Upper Legs: 43-41mm taper/7000 series Aluminium/hard anodised Stanchions: 36mm/7000 series Aluminium/hard anodised Molybdenum disulfide coated Lowers: Forged magnesium/extra large contact area between drop-outs & 20mm axle eliminates slippage Additional Features: Direct Mount Stem: Fits all after market direct mount stem applications CTA: Carbon Torsion Arch improves torsional stiffness at the wheel by 25 percent and improves increased steering precision. OTT Adjuster: Externally tune the negative spring improving plushness Bottom Loader: High & Low Speed compression removes in minutes with ZERO loss of oil Please Buy DVO Forks from my recommend store.

The Race Fork Classic CS2 has a thinner steerer tube than the Dirt Fork, 4mm tapered, 3/8 dropouts, and come in at 2lbs. 1.8oz., uncut steerer tube with pre-load bolt installed.All Classic Forks share these features: Butted and tapered Race0.049 -.035 legs with improved rail clearance. Tapered dropouts with optimal peg mounting clearance. Butted steerer tube with redesigned crown junction. Flushmount, cable friendly, 7075 pre-load bolt. Rustproof finishing, inside and out, prior to powdercoating.2010 is the 11 year anniversary of Odysseys 41 Thermal process. When Odyssey introduced its 41 Thermal forks, they were met with skepticism. Typically parts companies stayed away from forks and left that up to the frame companies. Odyssey figured that when the best forks in the industry lasted their pro riders 2 weeks, it was time to address this problem.That same pro rider went from replacing forks every two weeks, to once a year. That was just precautionary, usually the forks showed no signs of fatigue. After the rumours of these new forks surfaced, they became the standard for every pro rider, regardless of sponsor. Its safe to say 41 Thermal forks revolutionized the way forks were built, designed, and heat treated.We continue to refine and improve our forks every year and for 2010 41 Thermal forks are the lightest AND strongest weve ever made. Thanks to our commitment to using the best technology available, the strength and durability of our forks has been improved by a significant margin while keeping the products overall weight to its absolute minimum. Manufactured at an all-new, precision dedicated facility since early 2007, the 41-Thermal process itself has also been refined to thoroughly maximize performance.Features:Material: heat treated 4130 chromoly, triple butted and tapered legs Height a-c: 428mm/16.8 Rake: 28mm/1.1 Steer Tube Length: 190mm/7.5 steer tube can be cut down by ~ 28mm/1.1 without damaging the threads Top Cup: 7075 threaded top cup with 6mm and 8mm Allen hex sockets, M24x1.5 thread top cup can be cut down in the middle without damaging threads Dropouts: 5mm thick, safety washer interface Brake mounts: NoWeight: 1.3kg + 0.03kg alloy 7075 compression top cup Please Buy NS Bikes Forks from my recommend store.

Recycled items have imperfections or suffered wear during the course of sale here at my recommend store. They include Ex-Display, Ex-Demo, Cosmetic Damage or Refurbished items that have been returned by customers, repaired by suppliers or have scratches or minor damage from transport or display.STATUS: COSMETIC DAMAGE Forks were on display in our warehouse showroom Item is new, unused and in excellent condition Left dropout shows oxidisation tracks under lacquer, purely superficial Steerer length 160mm & includes threaded top cap May show signs of handling & storage Fully inspected prior to sale *** Please note item includes threaded top cap ***Federal V2 Liquid BMX ForksIn 2011 when Federal introduced the Liquid fork it was one of the first bmx forks to use the investment cast manufacturing technique, and it proved to be one of the most popular forks on the market.When it came to revising the design they wanted to keep the aesthetics of the original, whilst making the design more contemporary. The brief was to make the fork slimmer and reduce the rake to 30mm, whilst allowing it to accommodate 2.4 plus sized tyres. This resulted in Federal using a smaller diameter crown and fork legs with a completely revised investment cast dropout. They also reduced the top cap from an H25 to an H24 thread to increase the strength of the top of the steerer tube. The end result is a modern looking, lightweight fork which is perfect for street and park use.Features:Material: 100 percent 20/20 heat treated 4130 ChromolyTop Cap: Includes New style Top Cap (H24)Legs: Butted and tapered fork legsHeadset: Integrated headset raceDropouts: 6mm thick, 3/8 (10mm) axle onlyOffset: 30mmTyres: Fits 2.4 tyresWeight: 2lb 0.5oz

Genuine replacement Crown & Steerer Assembly for the 2007 Manitou Sliver forks. Please Buy Manitou Sliver Crown & Steerer Assembly from my recommend store, the world's largest online bicycle store.


Genuine replacement Manitou Drake Spring Cap for the 2009 Manitou Drake forks. Please Buy Manitou Frames & Forks from my recommend store.

The 380 C2R2 forks are ideal for extreme freeride or downhill use, nailing big drops and negotiating fallen trees and boulders. Featuring C2R2 damping and the super efficient Dynamic bleed cartridge. Performance is an attitude. Features: Weight: 2950g/6.50lbsDamping:(L) - Coil k= 6.5 N/mm, (R) - C2R2Spring: CoilCrown: MatchingSteerer: 1-1/8 Aluminium SteererStanchions: 38mm Natural AnodizingBrake System: 8 post mountAxle: Taperwall 20mmMaximum Rotor Size: 230mmTechnologies: C2R2: With the C2R2 system every rider will be able to find the perfect setting with the High and Low speed control for both compression and rebound with the option of self-tuning compression shims by easily removing the stack from the top of the right stanchion tube. A revolutionary design that allows riders to customize the setting for their personal riding style and skills, controlling the mid compression speed without the need of disassembling the complete fork or to bleed the oil cartridge. This works thanks to a three way oil flow circuit in the compression unit: a main circuit for the low speed damping controlled by a needle, and two different concentric circuits on the piston controlled by the shim stack. The first works on the mid speed compression and is managed by the flex of the shims, the second, for the high speed, moves the complete stack away allowing the oil to flow with minimum resistance. High speed can be tuned with the outer knob on the top of the right stanchion, preloading the spring that keeps the stack in position. Mid compression speed is also tunable by changing the shim thickness and controlling the progression between high and low speed damping. DBC - Dynamic Bleed Cartridge 3 Stage DH: The Dynamic Bleed Cartridge is the most efficient riding control solution which takes all the advantages of the most popular damping systems on the market: open bath and sealed cartridge. Based on a hybrid system the DBC cartridge is a low pressure system with a compensation reservoir controlled by a coil spring instead of an air pressurized chamber. The oil will flow through two different circuits that in the case of extreme riding will allow to the fluid to rush out the cartridge when the system gets under too high pressure. The oil will then be sucked by the cartridge inside again through a one way seal avoiding air to get mixed with the fluid, keeping the sliders always lubricated and each single damping tuning step effective and consistent in the roughest riding sessions. Combining the excellent damping of the open bath technology with the light weight of a closed cartridge, the DBC is a unique feature that you can only find in the Marzocchi systems. Please BuyMarzocchi Forksfrom my recommend store.

Genuine Manitou replacement Top Cap Assemblies to suit all Mattoc forks. Please Buy Manitou Forks Spares from my recommend store.

Genuine Manitou replacement compression assemblies for the Mattoc Expert fork. Please Buy Manitou Forks Spares from my recommend store.

Genuine replacement left lower leg for Manitou Dorado forks. Please Buy Manitou Fork Spares from my recommend store.


FUNDA is a range of forks for racing and sports bicycles. Constructed entirely in carbon-fiber, all FUNDA forks benefit from 3Ts designed-for-composites philosophy.You get a stronger, lighter front end that tracks true and delivers perfect handling and minimal drag. German champion Fabian Wegmann says,'On the heavy gravel roads of the Eroica, the forks qualities were super-convincing. It was stiff under braking and steered positively, contributing to my success in the race. The fork blades are a highly evolved, asymmetric aerofoil to smooth airflow and reduce wind drag at speed.

PRO offers an ideal balance to riders who insist on top-class performance at the keenest price. This group typically includes many amateurs who purchase their own equipment. PRO components often employ traditional materials such as Al 7075 and Al 6061 alloys to contain fabrication costs. But like all 3T products, they benefit from the 3T Intelligent Production Lifecycle, assuring right-first-time design and quality, at prices that meet the needs of todays discriminating bike riders. Count on PRO components to perform to the highest levels. Features: Carbon-fiber monolithic design Optimal airflow Great value Weight: 375g Steerer diameter: 1-1/8 inch Material: carbon-fiber Please Buy 3T Forks from my recommend store.

The latest gem from DVO packs all the performance of a DH fork into a 140 - 160mm trail fork. With 35mm stanchions, an industry first compression bladder cartridge, dynamic tunability, and the off the top adjustable negative spring make this the ultimate trail and enduro race fork.Experience the diamond and forever elevate your expectations of what a trail bike is capable of.Features:Weight:approx 2000g/4.4lbSpring: AirAdjustments:Dynamic Rebound adjust,Separate High and Low speed compression, Off the TopCrown: Forged CNC hollow, 44mm offsetStanchions:35mm Tapered alloyAxle: 15mm QRTechnologies:Quick Range Low Speed Compression: With a quick turn of the knob, the low speed circuit is restricted providing a nice platform for climbing.High Speed Compression Adjust: Loader style compression provides easy access to the piston and shims for serious tuning. High speed adjust - 24 clicks, Quick range low speed - 6 clicks. OTT Off the Top: This exclusive and proven DVO design trickles down from the emerald to deliver precise air sprung tuning with a turn of a knob. Doubles as sag and ride height adjust. Closed Cartridge Bladder System: Just like the jade rear shock, the bladder is compressed rather than expanded offering incredible small bump sensitivity. Please BuyDVO Forksfrom my recommend store.

The Snafu 20 race fork is constructed from heat-treated chromoly for maximum strength featuring a 1-pc machined and reinforced steerer tube with integrated bearing race, alloy compression cap. Features: Material: Heat-treated chromoly Height: 316mm Steerer tube length: 164mm Bearing Race: Integrated Offset: 20mm Weight: 28oz Please Buy Snafu Forks from my recommend store.


With over 20 years' experience in the bicycle industry, Suntour have become one the of the World's largest suspension fork manufacturers. Keep your forks in top condition with the Suntour Raidon Replacement Knobs.Features:Genuine Suntour spare part Please BuySuntour Frames & Forksfrom my recommend store.

Thesefinely crafted cable guides are the ultimate accessory for your Fox fork! Now you can colour match your cable guide to the Red and Blue adjustment dials, your frame colour, your stem colour.. pretty much anything!Features: All Fox 40 Forks 2002-2007 Fox 32 & 36 Forks Supplied with (1) M3 X 10 screw CNC machined from 6061 T6511 aluminium, 2 piece design Anodised finish Weight: 4g Please Buy North Shore Billet Forks from my recommend store.

Threaded stem top cap in Jet Fuel finish. Features:Threaded top capJet Fuel finish Please Buy Snafu Fork Components from my recommend store.