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Cult Dehart BMX Tyre

$14.99 - $29.49

Chase Deharts signature tyre from Cult. The Cult Dehart tyres feature a shallow street tread.Features: Beading:Wire Weight:24.8oz Please BuyCult Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


King of the all-round trail tyresHits the mark with its superb grip and unexpected low rolling resistance for long distance riding over a variety of terrain. This sporty King is great value for money to tune your Mountain bike."The heavily siped paddle style centre tread is rampled just enough to keep it rolling better than you might expect, but the open spaces means it refuses to clog..there's enough flat surface to hook up well on rocks and harder trails... multi shaped shoulder knobs take the traction over as far as you dare to lean..." MBUK Trail Tyre Test Winner Specifications:SizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI26x2.2830gFoldingSport50653/8426x2.2890gWireSport50653/8426x2.4950gFoldingSport50653/8426x2.41050gWireSport50653/8427.5x2.2940gWireSport50653/8427.5x2.41090gWireSport50653/8429.2.2950gFoldingSport50653/8429.2.2980gWireSport50653/8429x2.41140gWireSport50653/84 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The studded bike tyre officially approved for road use. 240 studs cover the entire Nordic Spike 240 tread, and this makes this option the best choice in country areas where riders are encoutering mostly soft snow and ice. Features: The studded winter tyre for 700c bikes Ice & Snow are its forte 120 or 240 stud options Metal studs enable traction even on icy surfaces Front or Rear fitment Dimensions imperial: 700x42 ETRTO: 42c Inflation Pressure (psi): 50 - 65 max Bead: Wire Ply/TPI: 3/84 Weight: 900g (Wire) Please Buy Continental Tyres from my recommend store.


Mountain King II the new regent! Now firmly into the second period of its reign, the Mountain King II strengthens its rule over the all-round trail bike market. Superb braking traction and optimum cornering are guaranteed in all types of conditions. The tread lug arrangement was developed in collaboration with professional mountain bikers, resulting in an exceptionally light yet positively tough trail tyre. Trail riders, Cross Country racers, Alpine tourists and Marathon riders this is a serious intermediate tyre option.This RaceSport option guarantees significantly lower rolling resistance, the perfect choice if speed is a priority. Specifications:ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI55-55926x2.2560gFoldingRaceSport, BlackChili Compound50653/18055-58427.5x2.2595gFoldingRaceSport, BlackChili Compound50653/18060-58427.5x2.4640gFoldingRaceSport, BlackChili Compound50653/18055-62229x2.2640gFoldingRaceSport, BlackChili Compound50653/18060-62229x2.4670gFoldingRaceSport, BlackChili Compound50653/180 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Specially for turbo trainers. The compound has a much lower internal resistance so making it particularly suitable for roller training.Features: ETRTO:35-559 Size:26 inch x 1.35 inch Compound:Roller Tread:Performance Bar:4.0/6.5 EPI:67 Folding Weight:470g Please BuySchwalbe Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


Drop-The-Hammer. The first few pedal strokes win the holeshot. The holeshot wins the race. Designed for the 2008 Beijing Games, the foldable DTH is super-light to accelerate like no other BMX tire, yet holds up to the abuse you dish out.The dual-compound tread corners incomparably on hard-packed tracks and rolls fast on the straights. The Gold Medal is just a sprint away. Maxxis DTH Folding BMX Tyre Features: Light weight race tire. Dual Compound Technology. Foldable bead. Maxxis DTH Folding BMX Tyre Specifications: Size (ETRTO): 20x1.50 (38-406)/20x1.75 (44-406)/20x2.20 (56-406) TPI: 120 Bead: Foldable Weight: 290g/335g/475g Compound: Dual Max Psi: 110 Bike Tech: eXC/Silkworm Please Buy Maxxis DTH Folding BMX Tyre from my recommend store, the world's largest online bicycle store.

The Vee Rubber 10 is a perfect tyre for racing, with its low profile knob height and 10 rows of knobs for traction. This tyre excels on medium to hard surfaces but will be fine as a rear tyre in most other conditions.Features: Compound: DualCasing: 120 TPIBead: FoldingRecommended Pressure: 30 - 50 PSI Please BuyVee Rubber Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The tubeless ready T-Lope is a folding cross country tyre, designed for fast XC competition. Fast and light, it is designed for dry and hard surfaces. Extremely low rolling resistance and added puncture protection make these an excellent choice for race day.Features:Light and fast XC competition tyreBest suited to dry and hard packed surfacesPeace of mind with added puncture protectionTubeless readyWeight: 675g Please BuyVredestein Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The first long wearing, low rolling resistance rubber that does not sacrifice cornering grip!Lab test data shows our proprietary rubber blend improves the ratio between cornering force and rolling resistance by more than 10 percent in dry and more than 30 percent in wet conditions, even compared to our renowned original compound. Slow Rebound Rubber is best for technical, aggressive terrain applications.Features: Std rubber compound Steel bead 66tpi Weight: 460g-(2.25) 20" Note: 20" 1 3/8 1 will only fit this size of rim (20" 1 3/8 20" 1 1/4) 24" 1 3/8 1 will only fit (24" 1 3/8 24 1 1/4) Please Buy Tioga Tyres from my recommend store.

This highly versatile tyre provides a great level of grip and rolling speed both on and off the road. The K-guard offers a high level of puncture protection combined with the Twin Skin construction, which adds excellent durability.Features: Type: Wire Compound: SBC Execution: K-Guard Skin: Twin Colour: BlackPressure: 35 - 70 PSI Maximum Load: 110kgEPI: 50Profile: HS450Weight: 850g Please BuySchwalbe Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Onza Canis MTB Tyre

$24.99 - $33.99

The CANIS combines low rolling resistance and perfect grip. Its profil makes him wild as a wolf and reliable as your neighbors dog. That makes the CANIS XC and All Mountain riders best friend.Features:Size: 26 x 2.0" Catagory: XC/RaceETRTO: 50-559Casing: C3TPI: 60Bead: steel/wireRubber: RC65aDurometer: 65aWeight: 580gSize: 26 x 2.25" Catagory: XC/AMETRTO: 57-559Casing: C3-120TPI: 120Bead: kevlar/foldableRubber: RC2Durometer: 65a/55aWeight: 540gSize: 26 x 2.25" Catagory: XC/AMETRTO: 57-559Casing: C3TPI: 60Bead: steel/wireRubber: RC-65aDurometer: 65aWeight: 650gSize: 27.5 x 2.25" Catagory: XC/AMETRTO: 57-584Casing: C3TPI: 120Bead: kevlar/foldableRubber: RC-65aDurometer: 65a/55aWeight: 600gSize: 29 x 2.25" Catagory: XC/AMETRTO: 57-622Casing: C3TPI: 60Bead: steel/wireRubber: RC-65aDurometer: 65aWeight: 710gSize: 29 x 2.25" Catagory: XC/AMETRTO: 57-622Casing: C3-120TPI: 120Bead: kevlar/foldableRubber: RC2Durometer: 65a/55aWeight: 660g Please Buy Onza Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Excellent trade off between grip, rider output and self cleaning capability MICHELIN Advanced Technology: inchAdvanced Technology inch tyres benefit from superior performance thanks to the special nature of their tread patterns and rubber compounds (GUM-X series) or their casing architecture (ex Reinforced Technology)MICHELIN Reinforced Technology:Thanks to its additional protective ply running from one bead to the other, MICHELIN Reinforced Technology improves the casing's resistance to external attack on the sidewalls and reduces punctures due to impact or pinching. This technology is particularly suited to Enduro use.Features:Shape and distribution of the central blocks are optimised for the best trade-off between the grip, rider output and self-cleaning tread. The bases of the central blocks are reinforced for better stability and robustness. REINFORCED TECHNOLOGY for excellent resistance to cuts and damage Very efficient holding at an angles and on a slopes Tyre featuring the new GUM-X series.TPI: 30Tringle: SoftDiameter: 26"Width: 2,35Pressure: 1,8/4Tubes: C6Rubber: 55AWeight: 970g Please Buy Michelin Tyres from my recommend store.

The Schwalbe X-One Bite Performance CX Tyre features an aggressive tread pattern for superior off-road grip. The lightweight casing and dual rubber compound make the Schwalbe X-One Bite the Cross specialist for the real muddy days.Features:Bead: FoldingCasing: LiteSkinCompound: DualPressure: 40 to 70psiWeight: 360gTechnologies:Performance Line:Schwalbe Performance Line tyres are excellent quality for intensive use. They are the best value for money tyres in Schwalbe's range.LiteSkin:LiteSkin tyres have thin sidewalls, reducing the overall weight of the tyre and therefore they have a lower rolling resistance. Please BuySchwalbe Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Toro is an excellent inchall-around inch tyre that excels on a variety of terrain and conditions. UK magazineSingletrackrecently called it the best tyre to keep on your bicycle all year around.Available in a variety of tubed and tubeless versions, the Toro also has inchHardskin inch and Race Riposte options. Hardskin is a puncture resistant aramid fabric barrier (breaker) that protects the casing (and the tube) from punctures. Race Riposte is a special compound that grips well yet has excellent wear capabilities. Toro tyres up to 2.3 are two compound treads while 2.3 and wider tyres offer a third harder compound under the tread that helps stabilize the knobs in DH conditions.Features: Neutral handling tyre benefits tall evenly spaced knobs and Hardskin bead to bead reinforcement 2x2 taller lateral knobs hang on in the corners on a variety of conditions Lower center knobs that shed mud and still provide excellent traction Width specific Race Riposte compounds Well suited to a variety of terrains and conditionsSpecifications: TPI: 66/2x66 (26x2.35) Weight: 620g (26x2.15), 1300g (26x2.35), 705g (29x2.15) Please BuyHutchinson Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Travel Contact is the best choice for touring riders or commuters who ride on and off road and whos priority requirement is puncture protection. This tyre features Continental puncture protection technology from bead to bead tough Duraskin external fabric on the sidewall which protects the casing from sharp objects, and our polyamide/Kevlar belt underthe tread. Specification : ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max Inflation50-622 700x50 700g Wire Duraskin & Safety System 45 58 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

This tyre has been designed for training in all weather conditions. No matter what the situation, this tyre can be relied on for good rolling, great grip and durability.The central tyre compound is designed to roll fast and resist wear, where as the side compounds are softer which aid high speed cornering control.Features: Excellent Value All-weather clincher tire Durable and performance compounds Puncture resistance reinforced model available Thread Per Inch: 66 Use:Recreational, Training Concept:Tubetype Weight: 300g Please Buy Hutchinson Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Ignitor tread pattern was designed for the most discerning professional racers and has laid claim to multiple World Cup victories. The well-spaced tread pattern fills in nicely to provide low rolling resistance in the straights, while the ramped pentagonal knobs provide excellent traction in the corners. The TR version comes with the tubeless ready bead allowing you to mount the tyre with a tube or tubeless. Features: Directional ramped pentagon knob design - front or rear Excellent multi-condition performance EXO defence Tubeless ready Designed for loose, loose over hard, and medium TPI: 60 Compound: Dual Please Buy Maxxis Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Downhill versions made with Stick-E rubber and CAP Ply casing with bead insert. Nevegal Lite made with dual tread compound L3R Pro. Tall knobs designed to penetrate and hold on loose terrain. L3R Pro - Low rolling resistance rubber compound used in lightweight cross country applications. Benefits are low rolling resistance, increased tread life and a lighter tyre. Stick-E - Slow rebounding rubber compound for the ultimate in traction control. The slow rebound ratio of the rubber, acts as a suspension, allowing the tread to conform to the trail surface rather than bouncing off of it. Stick E rubber is used in two applications. One is over the entyre tread surface (Freeride/Downhill) the other is on the outside knobs used on cross country applications for outstanding traction in the corners. CAP Ply - Originally developed for our motorcycle tyres, CAP Ply is puncture resistant material designed to prevent pinch flats.Kenda Nevegal DTC Tyre Specifications: Size - 26 x 2.35 Bead - Folding Compound - DTC Max PSI - 50 TPI - 120 Weight - 99550g Please Buy Kenda Tyres from my recommend store.

An aggressive tread in high-volume casings distinguishes the newest addition to Maxxis' downhill and mountain disciplines. Designed with great traction in mind, the Ardent doesn't forget the racer.Large block-style side knobs offer numerous edges for high-speed corners. Center tread, while designed for braking and accelerating traction, also features ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance. With a wide variety of size offerings, the Ardent captures every mountain rider's needs.Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology: Maxxis Mountain Tubeless tires, now feature Lightweight Ultimate Sidewall Technology (L.U.S.T.). L.U.S.T. offers better puncture resistance, improved air retention, better longevity and lower weight. Our engineers were not content with simply having one of the best tubeless tires on the market. Instead, they went back to the drawing board, reinvented the tubeless tire from the casing and tread and addressed your concerns about tubeless technology. By adding a thin fabric layer to the sidewall, covered in a special air-tight rubber compound, Maxxis created a casing that lighter, tougher and holds air better. Now, its available to you on all of our Cross Country and Freeride Tubeless tires.Features:15 percent lighter than our previous tubeless tiresBetter air retention than competitors tiresIncreased sidewall puncture resistanceHigh-volume casingAggressive tread designExcellent peformer in wet conditionsSize: 26x2.25ETRTO: 54/56-559TPI: 120Bead: FoldableMax PSI: 60Compound: DualTech: LUST/USTWeight: 830g Please BuyMaxxis Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Globetrotter. The Travel Contact is ideal for touring all kinds of routes. Designed to have a robust carcass, a high carrying capacity, protection against chafing and cuts, effective puncture resistance and last but not least a tread that makes it possible to explore paths around the world quickly and safely. The foldable version makes the perfect take along spare. Features:ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI47-55926x1.75690WireSafetySystem, DuraSkin50803/18047-55926x1.75630FoldingSafetySystem, DuraSkin50803/181 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


The Race TT has a familiar tread pattern refined for modern XC bikes and racecourses.Tightly packed and ramped square knobs allow this tyre to roll freely, while updated siping increases the Race TT's braking and cornering limits. The legend lives on with the Race TT. Features: Tubeless ready Designed for Hard, loose over hard and medium TPI:60 Compound:Dual Please BuyMaxxis Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Fortezza Senso is a high performance, competition tubular for all weather use. Vredestein's newly developed AWS compound ensures low rolling resistance and outstanding grip in wet and dry weather. A Curve Control System guarantees durability and an exceptional ride quality, even in corners.An anti-puncture system of thick weave polyamide embedded in the highly flexible casing ensures an excellent level of puncture resistance and durability.Features: High performance competition tubular for all weather conditions Low rolling resistance with outstanding grip in wet or dry weather Provides an excellent of puncture resistance and durability Offers an exceptional ride quality, even in corners Weight: 275g (700 x 23c), 285g (700 x 25c), 300g (700 x 28c) Please Buy Vredestein Tyres from my recommend store.

For dry/hardpack courses, Maxxis has developed the Griffin. The tread pattern is less aggressive than others, but still uses the durable casing Maxxis DH tyres are known for. The knobs are smaller and more tightly spaced, with heavily ramped leading edges to keep rolling resistance down on tracks with lots of pedalling. Features:DH CasingDesigned for hard, loose over hard, and mediumTPI:60 Please BuyMaxxis Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The MAC tire is the World's first freestyle folding tyre. With a lower rotating mass and Kevlar reinforcement, these tyres are designed for performance. Kevlar strips allow the tyres to be inflated up to 120psi and still retain their original shape. Features:Kevlar beaded for protectionDurable compound lengthens the life of the tyreLow rotating mass reduces the overall weight of the bikeRecommended pressure: Min 90psi, Max 120psi Please Buy KHE Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Mike Aitkens popular signature tires for street and dirt. Ideal for use at high speeds.Features: Dual ply casing Weight: 722g Please Buy Odyssey Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Our most popular and versatile mountain tire, the High Roller's ramped leading edges roll fast, while the side lugs offer stability at speed and a sharp edge to hold corners. The grooved center knobs provide straight-line control.The High Roller's tread design translates well to all mountain bike disciplines, including downhill, cross country, and freeride.Features: Ramped knob designNew high-volume sizes now available UST.Silkworm protection Tyre Size: 26x2.10 TPI: 120 Max PSI: 60Weight: 680g Durometer: 70a Please BuyMaxxis Tyres from my recommend store.


A more durable and lighter-weight wire bead version of the OEM Curb Monkey. Uses Kenda's Iron Cap technology for higher thread count and lighter weight. Large footprint is ideal for street, trail and park use. Designed to accommodate up to 100psi.Features: High pressure wire bead Uses Kenda's Iron Cap technology L3R (Low Rolling Resistance Rubber) Rider Level: Expert Size: 20" x 2.3" Pressure: 100PSI Please BuyEastern Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Barro Race HM Mountain Bike Tyre from Geax has been a popular choice for MTB riders for their superb ride quality and feel. Best in dry and hard packed conditions, the aggressive side knobs provide safe cornering, while low height central knobs deliver minimal rolling resistance and low weight.FeaturesHM tubular tyreFull-width XC race tyre for dry hardpackRace-proven tread compounds Please Buy Geax Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

When the conditions are dry and the courses dusty and blisteringly fast, rolling resistance is a decisive factor in downhill racing. To ensure our team riders can reach their maximum speeds, Onza tyre Citius is the perfect tyre choice! This tyre is designed for dry, shallow depth surfaces.The Citius (latin for faster) features densely packed knobs throughout its centre section for fast rolling performance. The tread on the tyres shoulder offers plenty of traction to stick to the fastest line in corners and off-camber sections. Want to break some course records? The Citius is all you need.Features - Folding:ETRTO:61-584Casing: FRC120TPI:120Bead:KevlarWeight:1110gFeatures - Wire:ETRTO:61-559Casing:DHCTPI:40x40Bead:SteelWeight: 900g Please BuyOnza Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Fire XC Pro design offers excellent traction and cornering in just about any terrain without the penalty of high rolling resistance or soft fast wearing tread compounds. Features: ASB: When you see the ASB logo, it means that the tire has a proprietary anti-rebound rubber strip that reduces the chance of pinch flats by an average of 40 percent! BAX: BAX technology uses extremely narrow 0.14 diameter cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions Multi Step: Panaracers exclusive Multi-Step knobs have various heights designed into each knob These stepped knobs help tires to perform in all conditions from hard to soft. Short big knobs are specially designed to provide an excellent ride that also delivers the lightest weight full knobby MTB tires Silica: Adding silica compounds to tire treads vastly improves tire life, increased durability and grip ETRTO: 50-559 TPI: 27 Weight: 700g Bead: steel Please Buy Panaracer Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.