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The steel bead version of the famous Mac 2. Features: Special Street tread for more grip Steel beaded Improved traction Special durable compound Maximum Pressure: 6 bar Weight: 550g Please BuyKHE Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The dynamic Marathon GT with extra comfort is for everyone who wants to be mobile every day without having to worry about flat tyres. The exclusive tread design hides the newly developed DualGuard, which protects against cuts andpunctures in the same reliable way.Features:Bead: WireCompound: EnduranceCasing: DualGuardPressure: 35-70psiWeight: 1100gTechnologies:DualGuard: This new puncture protection technology from Schwalbe combines two protection layer principles (special India rubber + nylon fabric) under the tread.2 layers of nylon carcass and 2.5mm of flexible, special India rubber. Please BuySchwalbe Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The tubeless ready Black Panther XTRAC competition tyre from Vredestein has been designed for all-condition grip and stability but excels in dry, rough conditions. Designed with a discontinuous centre section for extra grip when braking and accelerating.Knobs across the shoulder provide extra grip in corners and off-camber situations. These also provide added puncture protection.Features:Lightweight competition tyre, designed for grip and stabilitySuitable for all conditions but excels in dry, rough conditionsProvides extra grip when braking and acceleratingShoulder knobs provide grip in corners and off-camber as well as offering added puncture protectionExtra layer of thick weave polyamide gives added puncture protectionWeight: 860g (26 x 2.00) Please BuyVredestein Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Fortezza Senso Xtreme high performance tyre is ideal for cold and wet conditions. Vredestein's newly developed AWS compound ensures low rolling resistance and outstanding grip in wet and cold weather. A Curve Control System guarantees durability and an exceptional ride quality, even in corners.An anti-puncture system of thick weave polyamide embedded in the highly flexible casing ensures an excellent level of puncture resistance and durability.Features: High performance tyre for wet and cold conditions Low rolling resistance with outstanding grip in wet or cold weather Provides an excellent of puncture resistance and durability Offers an exceptional ride quality, even in corners Weight: 245g (700 x 23c), 260g (700 x 25c), 280g (700 x 28c) Please Buy Vredestein Tyres from my recommend store.

Feel like a pro with Blank wheels and tyres, the choice of many top professional riders around the world.Features: 16 inch replacement tyre, perfect for keeping aspiring BMX riders on their bikes.60 PSI max. Please BuyBlank Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

This Marathon Cross Tyre features RaceGuard puncture protection, SpeedGrip compound for excellent handling characteristics and a lightweight LiteSkin sidewall.Features:Type:WireCarcass: RaceGuardColour:Black-ReflexSkin:LiteSkin Please BuySchwalbe Tyresfrom my recommend store.

This tyre is perfect for street riding because of the integrated puncture proof layer and strong sidewalls.Features: Special durable compound Bead: Steel Maximum Pressure: 8 bar (120psi) Weight: 570g Please BuyKHE Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

World Champions! When its dry, the Race King is faster, cleaner and safer. Rolling resistance is almost on a par with race bike tyres. It's a proven winner with countless UCI victories courtesey of the Topeak-Ergon team with Irina Kalentieva at its head.When combined with your choice of UST/Rigida/Nagesti rim an airtight chamer is formed doing away with the need for a tube, therefore saving weight and helping to increase speed. This tyre is a serious option for XC racers Specifications:ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI55-55926x2.2640gFoldingUST50653/33050-55926x2.0600gFoldingUST50653/330 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The new Range Cruiser has the most versatile profile in the Active Line. It manages the balancing act between light running on the street and good grip on loose ground. It is available with or without reflective tape.Active LineThe basis for all Active Line tires is the high-quality 50 EPI carcass. SCHWALBE no longer produces tires with a coarse 20 or 24 EPI carcass. In addition, K-Guard provides effective puncture protection for Active Line tires.LiteSkinThe lightest option. LiteSkin MTB tires forego Snakeskin, but still have high pressure resistant tire beads. If you dont mind the extra effort, these tires can also be converted to Tubeless by using a liquid sealant.Features:Size: ETRTO 37-622 (28 x 1.40 Inch), ETRTO 40-622 (28 x 1.50 Inch)Type: WiredCompound: SBCExecution: K-GuardColor: BlackSkin: LiteWeight: 35c 630g (22oz), 38c 745g (26oz)Pressure: 4.00 - 6.00 Bar (55 - 85 psi)Maximum load: 35c 90kg, 38c 100kgEPI: 50Profile: HS457 Please Buy Schwalbe Tyres from my recommend store.

Semi-tread tyre design made from a durable grip compound.Features: Weight: 592g (1.9 inch), 661g (2.1 inch), 669g (2.25 inch) Please BuyWeThePeople Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.


One of our most popular road training tires is now available for your 26 inch wheels. With its Silkworm protection for puncture resistance and a lightweight, foldable bead, the Detonator provides great traction and durability. Perfect for road training when you only have one bike available - or for daily commuting.Features:Size:26 x 1.50 (40/38-559) TPI:60Bead:WireWeight:515gCompound:SingleMax PSI:80 Please BuyMaxxis Tyrefrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

This tyre is designed for beach cruiser style bikes and has a very light casing for this reason. Ideally suited to paved streets, promenades and solid surfaces. The tread pattern is based on a motorcycle engine block to add some more style to your cruiser. Features: Compound: SingleCasing: 27 TPIBead: WireRecommended Pressure: 30 - 55PSI Please BuyVee Rubber Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Mezcal II HM Mountain Bike Tyre from Geax further enhances the semi-slick Mezcal tyre with a sticky soft tread compound for uncompromising grip even on the most loose and trickiest surfaces. The Mezcal II is the new frontier in all mountain-bike riding.FeaturesHM tubular tyreIdeal for big-time all mountain ridingWet rocks and big hits, no problem Please Buy Geax Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

BMX tyre with big mixed block pattern tread, knurled for improved traction.Features: Material:Quality rubber compound Weight:790g Please BuySalt Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

Much more than just a basic quality. The foundation of all Active Line tires is a high-quality 50 EPI carcass. Coarsely woven 20 or 24 EPI carcasses can no longer be found in Schwalbes range. The much more densely woven 50 EPI carcass is far more puncture resistant and robust. At the same time the fabric needs less rubber coating and thus has a reduced weight. Naturally every Active Line tire has a puncture protection belt, a balanced rubber compound, plus a functional and attractive tread design. Simply said: Active Line is reliable, brand quality Specifications: Size: 28 x 1.25, 700 x 32C ETRTO: 32-622 Compound: SBC Bar: 3,0-5,5 PSI: 45-80 Weight: 550g EPI: 50 Load: 75kg Size: 28 x 1.40, 700 x 35C ETRTO: 37-622 Compound: SBC Bar: 2,5-4,5 PSI: 35-65 Weight: 625g EPI: 50 Load: 90kg Size: 28 x 1.60, 700 x 40C ETRTO: 42-622 Compound: SBC Bar: 2,5-4,5 PSI: 35-65 Weight: 705g EPI: 50 Load: 100kg Please Buy Schwalbe Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

All-around racing/training tyre. Bead to bead sidewall protection and puncture proof ply under the tread effectively decrease the possibility of flats. Fine tread pattern together with activated silica tread compound provide excellent adhesion on wet or dry pavement.Features: Use: Training/Racing Size: 23-622 Total weight: 205g Pressure: 610 bar (90145 p.s.i.) TPI: 120 Sidewall area, 240 Under the tread Please BuyTufo Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

DTC Compound has Kenda's L3R Pro (hard) compound in the center of the tread for speed and long life. Kenda's Stick-E rubber on the transition and cornering knobs provides better grip in turns. Small square knobs accentuate this tread pattern for fast XC rides and races. Please BuyKenda Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

CROSS COUNTRY 530 grams, A triumph of Maxxis engineering - the lightest 26 inch knobby tire in the world. With a specially formulated rubber compound and lightweight casing, the MaxxLite is available for your most important races.If you're ready for extreme acceleration on hard, dry surfaces, it's time to experience the MaxxLite.Fast rolling ramped knobs front or rearRace use onlyTire Size:26x1.95TPI:120Max PSI:65Weight:530gDurometer:61aTechnology:LUST Tubeless Please BuyMaxxis Maxxlite Tyrefrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


Application of composite puncture proof ply and high composite carbon tread compound made possible to use thinner tread and still maintain high mileage. Thinner tread also lowers rolling resistance while the tyre is maintaining ideal shock absorption properties and high puncture resistance.Features: Use:Racing/Training Size:28 inch Pressure:812 bar (115175 p.s.i. -22mm)/68 bar (90115 p.s.i. -25mm) TPI:120 Sidewall area, 240 Under the tread Rim Size:28 inch 700 C E.T.R.T.O:622x (13-15) mm Weight:335g (22mm), 375g (25mm)Note: This is a Tubular Tyre designed to fit a Clincher Rim profile (NOT Suitable for Tubular Rims) Please BuyTufo Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Geax Saguaro TNT MTB Tyre has the ideal balance of characteristics, with fast central tread and predictable cornering on all surfaces. These tyres are perfect in a number of conditions, from cross-country racing to big-hit Slopestyle. Grip is enhanced by the low-pressure friendly Tube No Tube design.FeaturesTNT tubular tyreVersatile, medium-deep knobs form continuous centre trackFrom XC racing to Slopestyle Please Buy Geax Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Traction was the top priority when developing onza tires tread for wet and muddy conditions.Named after a high alpine plateau in the Swiss Alps, situated at an elevation of about 2000 meters above sea level and littered with numerous creeks and tarns, the GREINAs wide open knobs find traction even in the worst mud without clogging.Features: Part#: A1115115 Prod: GREINA NEW Cat: END/FR Size: 27.5x2.40 Weight: TBA ETRTO: 60-584 Casing: EDC TPI: 60 Bead: kevlar/fold Rubber: RC2 Durometer: 65a/55a Tech: TLRTechnologies: EDC Enduro Casing - Foldable, reinforced but light casing technology with 60TPI and light weight butyl inlays, providing very high puncture protection. Tubeless Ready TLR. TLR Tubeless Ready - Special bead technology for quick and tight air sealing of tire and rim. Tubeless Ready TLR works best with onzatires SEAL UP! sealant. RC2 55a Dual Compound/Racing Compound 55a/65a - Combination of two different compounds. 65a for low rolling resistance and long-life on the inside and 55a on the outside for perfect grip on all downhill courses. Please BuyOnza Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

MICHELIN Wild RaceR has an optimised tread pattern to improve performance on fast rolling surfaces:MICHELIN Advanced Technology: inchAdvanced Technology inch tyres benefit from superior performance thanks to the special nature of their tread patterns and rubber compounds (GUM-X series) or their casing architecture (ex Reinforced Technology)MICHELIN TS:When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR).The flexible beads invented and developed by MICHELIN are made exclusively of aramide fabric, which is also to be found in bulletproof vests.This textile fabric has a very great resistance to extension whilst being very lightweight.These beads therefore have the special features of being very light and very strong, which reduces the overall weight by 40 to 70 grams per tyre.MICHELIN high performance Road and Mountain Bike tyres are all equipped with flexible beads.MICHELIN UST Tubeless:The extra rubber on the sidewall is an additional defence against attack. inchUST Tubeless Homologated inch tyres do not require the addition of extra products.Even without inner tubes or the addition of liquid latex, they are extremely airtight and are ideally suited to marathon, All-Mountain or endure use on brittle terrain.However, they are heavier than the new generation of inchTubeless Ready inch tyres.Features:Low tread blocks spread over the whole of the tread (very good performance). Diamond-shaped tread blocks set at 45 to the rolling direction to get more edges in contact with the surface and increase grip. Lightweight and good puncture resistance inchUST TUBELESS Homologated inch Tyre for hard-packed terrain Excellent performance Optimum grip TPI: 110Tringle: SoftDiameter: 26"Width: 2,25Pressure: 2/4Tubes: N/ARubber: 63/68Weight: 750gTechnologies: Please Buy Michelin Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

MIKE AITKENs popular signature tires for street and dirt. Ideal for use at high speeds. Available in several styles.Features:Dual ply casingFoldable tanwell optionP-lyte option Please Buy Odyssey Tyres from my recommend store.

Mike Aitken has designed a few different versions of tires, and is one of the most popular among professional and non-professional riders. The first version is designed specifically with dirt in mind.Based off the classic knobby front tire, the 2.125 Aitken is available in a foldable kevlar beaded version (Klyte) or a non foldable steel beaded version. Dirt tires dont usually see the sidewall wear that street tires do, so to keep the weight down, the knobby 2.125 is only available in single ply, and is rated at 80 psi.With all this talk about dirt, Mike and Chase Hawk use this tire on the front at all times, on street, park and everything they ride. Mike also knows not everyone uses an aggressive knobby like He and Chase so he has the semi-knobby version also. Based loosely on the Path tire, the 2.25 and 1.9 versions have deeper treads that the Path, but are still designed for all around use, and high speeds. The 2.25 is our biggest tire and typically used as a front, but is also used in monster truck set ups, where you use the 2.25 front and back. Klyte which uses the lightweight dual ply AND foldable kevlar beads, for the ultimate in light weight. The 1.9 version is typically a rear tire and available in Klyte, and heavy duty dual ply. The Path tire is one of the most widely used in all of BMX, and has the most versions.Features:Dual plyFoldable tanwellK-lyte Please Buy Odyssey Tyres from my recommend store.

Schwalbe has developed a tire specifically for the sport of triathlon. Ambitious triathletes today use special time trial bikes and aerodynamically optimized wheels. The new Schwalbe Ironman is optimized for this set-up. In the optional tubeless version, it is particularly fast and puncture resistant. The name Ironman is a trademark of World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) and is used under license by Schwalbe.(Franz.Bez. 700x22C) FeaturesSize: ETRTO 22-622 (Franz.Bez. 700x22C)Typ: FoldingCompound: OneStarExecution: TubelessColor: BlackSkin: LiteWeight: 295 g (10 oz)Pressure: 5.00 - 8.50 Bar (70 - 125 psi)Maximum load: 70 kgEPI: 127TechnologiesTRIPLE STAR COMPOUND MTB:Our best and most sophisticated compound. Triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose.TUBELESS: There are hardly any tubeless tires for racing bikes. In practice, however, this system offers outstanding benefits. The rolling resistance is noticeably lower than with conventional folding and tubular tires because this system minimizes friction losses. At the same time tubeless systems are extremely safe and a sudden loss of air is almost impossible. There are no longer any tubes that can overheat and burst. A puncture protection liquid seals punctures within tenths of a second. Please Buy Schwalbe Ironman Evo Road Tyre - Tubeless from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Full-width XC race tyre for dry hardpack terrain. Low, wide-spaced knobs for lowered rolling resistance and weight.Features: Fast tyre designed for XC racing Race-proven tread compounds ETRTO:50-622 Weight:470g Please BuyGeax Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

Clement's Crusade PDX is a great all-round performer with a love of mud and is aligned to give the rider fast roll and control in the curves.The Crusade PDX (Portland's airport code) is named after Portland's famous Cross Crusade (the largest participant Cyclocross series in the world).PDX tread is designed to roll fast on hard pack mud and to really bite and stick in the corners regardless of the weather.The centre tread is aligned lower than the side edge to create fast roll on hard pack and road whatever the weather.Outside tread offers superior edge control so your bike stays under you in the curves and the leading edge of the tread gives you extra traction coming out of corners.Features:Fast rolling Size: 700x33TPI: 120Bead: FoldingWeight: 350g Please Buy Clement Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

Refined and redesigned, the Maxxis Minion DHR II Rear Tyre is ready to shred any line.The Minion DHR II is a complete redesign. Acceleration, cornering and braking have all been improved. The shoulder knobs were borrowed from the legendary Minion DHF and then beefed up to handle duty as a rear tyre. The centre tread has been heavily ramped and siped to roll fast and track straight under braking. Pair the DHR II with the Minion DHF for the ultimate aggressive riding combo!Features:Redesigned, wider shoulder knobs for better corneringPaddle-like centre knobs for improved brakingRamped and siped tread to roll fast and track straight under brakingTR - Tubeless Ready technologyTyre Size:26x2.40 inchETRTO:61-559TPI:60Bead:FoldableWeight:885gCompound:3C MAXX TERRAMax Pressure:60psiTech:3C/EXOUse:Loose over hard, medium, loose Please BuyMaxxis Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

Slick racing tread for even greater speed on smooth, clean surfaces, in other respects the 150 TPI Rubino Pro Slick is identical to Pro (above). 1.5-inch MTB version also available.Theres a tyre for every rider and every season in the extensive Rubino family, all sharing common characteristics of durability, comfort, and security. Folding and rigid tyres, with slick or technical treads, in a huge range of finishes and sizes (including MTB), Rubino is easy to fit and use and appreciated by many thousands of savvy bike riders.Features:Great all-round tyre for quicker ridersHigh mileage and long service lifeSecure and comfortable on road bike and MTBType: Slick FoldingMaterial: rubberSize: 700 c x 23mmFoldable: yesWeight: 227g Please Buy Vittoria Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


Using a true radial casing, the Radiale produces a soft, supple ride, smoothing out the roughest roads. A radial casing allows the sidewall to easily bend and flex, resulting in fewer hysteresis losses than a standard clincher, which stretches or compresses at the contact patch.This technology is designed to produce the supplest ride of any clincher tire. In addition to the radial casing, the tire also uses Maxxis 3C Triple Compound Technology for greater wear life and cornering control along with SilkShield punctur protection.Highly supple with unparalleledcornering gripSilkShield Puncture Protection3C Triple Compound TechnologySpecifications:Size:700x22CETRTO:22-622TPI:120Bead:FoldableWeight:215gCompound:3CMax PSI:145Tech:3C/SilkShield Please BuyMaxxis Radiale Tyrefrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Barro Race TNT Mountain Bike Tyre from Geax is a full width cross-country race tyre for all weather terrain. The tyres have a wide-spaced knob for resistance and enhanced grip thanks to the low-pressure Tube No Tube design. These tyres are designed for cross-country racing and high performances.Features:TNT tubular tyreFull-width XC race tyre for dry hard-packRace-proven tread compoundsWide-spaced knobs for least rolling resistance Please BuyGeax Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The SS is the ultimate front semi-slick provides outstanding cornering with super low rolling resistance. Features: When you see the ASB logo, it means that the tire has a proprietary anti-rebound rubber strip that reduces the chance of pinch flats by an average of 40 percent! BAX technology uses extremely narrow 0.14 diameter cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions 3D Knobs are designed to perform multi-directionally and are located on the tire sides. They are positioned in multiple directions to help maintaining traction and durability while riding on the side knobsETRTO: 47-559 TPI: 126/27 Weight: 540g Please Buy Panaracer Mach SS Semi-Slick Tyre from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.