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This tyre is a great all rounder for use with 16" wheels. The tread profile has been specifically designed to offer a fast rolling, smooth ride on all terrain types.Features:Fast RollingAll round tread patternSteel Bead60 PSI Max pressure Please Buy Academy Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The tyre with MAX reinforced protection designed for multi-purpose use on asphalt and trail.Features: MICHELIN TR: When designing their cycle tyres, MICHELIN use two types of bead, flexible beads (TS) and rigid beads (TR). The traditional design of cycle tyres uses rigid beads, generally made of steel. This material is heavier than the aramide fibres used in making flexible beads but it's much cheaper. Although used little or not at all in higher performance tyres, with the exception of Down Hill tyres, they are nonetheless of very good quality PROTEK MAX: For maximum protection, MICHELIN offer MAX technology (5mm of essential reinforcement against punctures) The tread pattern makes for easier rolling The rubber compound gives excellent grip The continuous design at the centre and the high level of grooving on the shoulders gives excellent grip on wet and greasy surfacesWidth: (mm)35-559 Width: (inch)26x1.4 Tringle: HardTPI: 22 2,5/5 Pressure: 37/73 Tube: C2Weight: 750 grams Please Buy Michelin Tyres from my recommend store.

The Gato Mountain Bike Tyre from Geax is a popular race tyre for wet, tricky and technical courses. This tyre has aggressive reinforced tread knobs with fine directional speed. World Championship cross-country winners use this tyre because of the wider sizes, perfect for mountain riding.Features:Maximum grip and control for wet and loose conditionsTechnical tread design drains fastReinforced tread knobs Please BuyGeax Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

Alone is a rider owned company based in the the UK, they offer high quality no thrills BMX tyres at great prices.Features: PATT Perfect All Terrain Tread. Alone selected a tyre mold to suit todays riding and tested it on all terrain. Re-enforced the design up to 100psi Size: 20" x 2.30" Great as a front tyre or as a rear (with the current trend of fatter rear tyres too!) Party all the time. Please BuyAlone Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course delivers the best trade-off between sports performance and long tire life. The achievement of the engineers is to have simultaneously enhanced its speed, safety, agility and resistance.The MICHELIN PRO4 Service Course is not only safer but it is also an average 16 percent faster when cornering on wet road surfaces*.Features: Wider lateral bands for optimal grip at all angles of lean New compounds incorporating new elastomers and silica for extra grip at the shoulders Please BuyMichelin Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.


This lightweight tubular performs perfectly in wet or dry conditions, making it ideal for racing or long distance riding. The durable compound tread ensures that performance remains consistent throughout use and grants a slow wearing tyre casing.Features:Wet and dry condition tubularExcellent puncture resistance Durable compound treadThread Per Inch: 127Use:Sport, Long DistanceConcept:TubularWeight: 260g Please Buy Hutchinson Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Lavins strengths are in its low rolling resistance and longevity. Dual-Compound-Rubber turns this one into a reliable training tyre. Even the mighty Fluela pass in the Swiss Alps becomes an easy treat with this tyre. Features:Category: RoadSize: 700 x 23cETRTO: 23-622Casing: NB1TPI: 60Bead: FoldingRubber: DCRDurometer: 65a/55aWeight: 220g Please BuyOnza Tyresfrom my recommend store.


The Toro is a high performance tyre designed for training and even racing in loose and muddy conditions. The tall tyre knobs grip extremely well and make cornering sublime, even in dense mud conditions.The strong 127TPI casing is resilient to punctures but is also supple to benefit in traction and handling.Features:Thread Per Inch: 127Use:CyclocrossConcept:Tube TypeWeight: 310g Please Buy Hutchinson Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Path has a low tread for minimal rolling resistance, but enough to feel comfortable on any surface from dirt to concrete to skatelite. The Dirt Path is the deeper knobby version of the already popular Path.Features:Dual plyFoldable tanwellFolding beadK-lyte Please Buy Odyssey Tyres from my recommend store.

Versatile, safe and durable The TourRIDE offers everything a real all-round tyre needs. A tread for every intended surface, the obligatory Puncture ProTection belt and a high mileage compound ensure the TourRIDE is a trustworthy option for many carefree miles. Continental Tour Ride MTB Tyre Specifications: ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI47-559 26x1.75 835 Wire Puncture ProTection 45 58 3/66 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

More durable version and lighter-weight wire version of the OEM Burnout. Great skatepark tire with virtually no rolling resistance. Uses Kenda's Iron Cap technology for higher thread count and light weight. Designed to accommodate up to 100psi.Features: Size: 20 x 2.1 inch Pressure: 100PSI High-pressure wire bead Uses Kenda's Iron Cap technology L3R (Low Rolling Resistance Rubber) Rider Level: Expert Please BuyEastern Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Suitable for most conditions except deep mud. Unique self cleaning tread pattern with side knobs provides good traction and steady cornering.Low weight, good resistance against flats. Models of this line are manufactured with economic advantage of their construction in mind, with the same emphasis on quality as with our higher end products.Black carbon tread compound provides these tires with exceptional mileage, resistance to damage and good adhesion on wet or dry pavement. The bearing tyre structure of this line has been reinforced, improving resistance to punctures.Features: Use: CX Size: 28" Width: 33mm Max Pressure: 65 PSI Weight: 400g Please BuyTufo Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The lightest Aramid cyclo-cross tire currently available! Weighing in at 280g, this full knobbed cross tire is just what you need to get through the muck and mud on a gruelling cross race.Features:ASB: When you see the ASB logo, it means that the tire has a proprietary anti-rebound rubber strip that reduces the chance of pinch flats by an average of 40 percent! ZSG: The new ZSG Natural formula integrates more natural rubber into the compound. This compound has the same low rolling resistance as the premium compound and it has enhanced wear resistance making it perfect for a long wearing training tire. 3D: 3D Knobs are designed to perform multi-directionally and are located on the tire sides. They are positioned in multiple directions to help maintaining traction and durability while riding on the side knobs. BAX: BAX technology uses extremely narrow 0.14 diameter cord which is weaved at a super high density into the casing for lightness and flexibility. This increased density improves resistance to cuts and abrasions Tire Size: 700 X 31c Bead: Aramid ETRTO: 31-622 TPI: 126 Weight: 280g Please Buy Panaracer Tyres from my recommend store.

With it's general-purpose tread design, the Country All Terrain adapts to almost any riding condition. It's reinforced gum sidewall resists damage and extends tyre life. The Country All Terrain is your ideal riding companion and one which you can rely on, as the miles roll by.Features:A sturdy tyre you can count on as the miles roll by Versatile Durable rubber mix Reinforced sidewalls Weight: 790g Please Buy Michelin Tyres from my recommend store.

Primarily designed to be an all condition rear tyre with gravity riding in mind. The cross-slotted knobs stick to the trail with the addition of the two different knob profiles on the outer of the tyre that give good control during cornering.Features: Compound: Dual compound, TackeeCasing: 72 or 120 TPIBead: Wire or FoldingRecommended Pressure: 22.5 - 50 PSI Please BuyVee Rubber Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store.

Every racers dream come true. This super light Rocket answers almost every demand at one time:Incredible grip with extremely low weight and fully loaded with all the latest technology 127-Evo-carcass, Triple Nano Compound, U-Blocks forming an open tread that has exceptional self-cleaning properties. The Countdown begins!Features: ETRTO: 54-559 Size: 26 x 2.10/26 x 2.25 Evolution Compound: PSC PSI: 35-55/26-54 EPI: 67 Load: 140kg/145kg Weight: 480g/510g Please BuySchwalbe Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The All-rounder. X-King pronounced Cross King' designed for XC and trail use with speed as the main priority. Developed in conjunction with the Topeak-Ergon professional MTB team who have now already recorded many race wins on what they call the perfect race day tyre.The cleverly designed tread pattern provides ample traction yet almost the rolling sensation of a much slicker tyre, giving you a seriously fast tyre option. No matter what the event or weather conditions, combining the X-King with Mountain King II and Race King will provide a winning combination. This tubeless ready ProTection version with it durable and puncture resistant layer under the tread and sidewall also features the unique Black Chilli compound giving improved rolling resistance, increased grip and higher mileage for the life of the tyre. Features: ProTection casing for added puncture resistanceTubeless ReadyBlackChili compoundPSI Recommended Inflation: 50PSI - Max Inflation: 65Size: 29 inch Please BuyContinental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Minion DHR was engineered to meet the demands of UCI World Cup downhill races. The DHR features ramped knobs, like the DHF, but the channels in the knobs are designed for braking and accelerating.Features:Directional, ramped knob designSpecifications:Size:26x2.35 ETRTO:52-559TPI:60Bead:WireWeight:1,080gCompound:SingleMax PSI:65Size:26x2.35 ETRTO:52-559TPI:60Bead:WireWeight:1,125gCompound:Super TackyMax PSI:65Size:26x2.50 ETRTO:55-559TPI:60Bead:WireWeight:1,080gCompound:SingleMax PSI:65Size:26x2.50 ETRTO:55-559TPI:60Bead:WireWeight:1,080gCompound:Super TackyMax PSI:65 Please BuyMaxxis Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

For the first time, we brought a real semi-slick to the Gravity and Enduro scenes. Its a very interesting option especially on the rear wheel and for very fast, dry trails. There is no better tire for low rolling resistance than Rock Razor.TRIPLE STAR COMPOUND MTB: Our best and most sophisticated compound. Triple compound. Perfectly adapted to the specific purpose.TrailStar - Enduro & Freeride CompoundEasy rolling base layer (base)Grippy center (medium soft)Extra-grippy shoulders (soft)TUBELESS READY: No tubes. Schwalbe Tubeless Ready tires make it possible. With three advantages weight, puncture protection and low rolling resistance. What you will need: Tubeless wheel60 ml Doc Blue ProfessionalSchwalbe Tubeless Ready tire with special bead shapeAnd a modicum of patience and experience in fittingOf course the tires can be used quite normally with a tube.SUPER GRAVITY: Super Gravity has a new carcass construction at its core. The principle is a familiar one in motorbike tires. We have taken the best features and developed them further for the MTB. For SUPER GRAVITY the sidewalls are made up of four layers of carcass material, but there are only two layers underneath the cap*.The next trick: The whole tire (not just the sidewalls) is encased in SnakeSkin fabric. Weight is negligible and it helps a lot. In fact, it stabilizes and protects while remaining extremely flexible. At the same time it is ideal for Tubeless Ready application.So Super Gravity means: The tire walls are more robust. The cap is more flexible. The tire is lighter. Or in a single sentence: Downhill ruggedness at Enduro weight.Super Gravity weighed up: When combined with Tubeless Ready riders save an impressive 700 grams in weight in comparison with a conventional downhill tire. Not just somewhere on the frame, but on the rotating mass!Features: Size: ETRTO 60-559 (26 x 2.35 Inch)Type: FoldingCompound: TrailStarExecution: Super Gravity, TL-ReadyColor: BlackSkin: SnakePressure: 1.60 - 3.50 Bar (23 - 50 psi)Maximum load: 115kgEPI: 67Weight: 925g (32oz)Size: ETRTO 60-584 (27.5 x 2.35 Inch)Type: FoldingCompound: TrailStarExecution: Super Gravity, TL-ReadyColor: BlackSkin: SnakePressure: 1.60 - 3.50 Bar (23 - 50 psi)Maximum load: 115kgEPI: 67Weight: 965g (34oz)*The classic downhill tire construction has six layers under the cap. This adds unnecessary weight and unfortunately also makes the cap rigid and hard. Please Buy Schwalbe Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The wire bead X-King impresses with its versatility. This smooth-running MTB tyre adapts to any terrain. It offers very good grip with low rolling resistance, while the special tread promotes self-cleaning making it a first-class competition and all-round tyre.Features:Bead:WireRecommended Inflation:50Max Inflation:65 Technology:SportWeight:570g (26 inch x 2.0 inch) Please BuyContinental Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

Perfect winter tire. The spikes are not on the tread center, but arranged on the sides in the area of greatest contact pressure. When properly inflated the tire can also be used under normal, ice and snow-free, road conditions. By lowering the air pressure the tire gains optimum grip on icy roads.ETRTO: 50-559 Size: 26 x 1.90 Kevlar Guard Spikes:100 Bar: 2,0-4.5 PSI: 30-70 EPI: 67 Please Buy Schwalbe Tyres from my recommend store.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB Tyre with SmartGuard is the most puncture resistant MTB tyre in the Schwalbe range. On the central rib it rolls easily over hard paths, while the strong outer lugs give it great off-road traction.Features:Type:WireCarcass: SmartGuardColour:Black-ReflexSkin:TwinPSI: 30-65 Please BuySchwalbe Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The X-King for cross riders. After a successful start on the MTB scene, the award winning X-King pattern is now available to cyclocross racers and recreational riders. We've developed a tread pattern that is studded enough to work well in muddy conditions, yet roll like a semi slick in a straight line. Ask countless MTB XC racers and they'll tell you that the X-King is fast! The tall shoulder lugs do provide great bite in the loose and wet corners and of course, our special Black Chili soft compound boosts grip in all situations whether they be hard & dry, cold & wet, roots, off-cambers, grass or stone. When the tyre deforms under impact with the ground, the Black Chili compound aborbs the shock and propels you forward like no other tyre. It's fast, grippy and it lasts as long as a harder compound tyre, giving you great value for money! The 32mm RaceSport version is UCI legal whilst we also provide wider versions in our standard format to suit all budgets and intended uses. Features: Fast all-rounder for cross racers UCI legal 32mm race option Wider options for recreational use Dimensions imperial: 700x35 ETRTO: 35c Inflation Pressure (psi): 56 - 85 max Bead: Wire Ply/TPI: 3/84 Weight: 450g (Wire) Please Buy Continental Tyres from my recommend store.

Professional downhill and Enduro riders favour the Magic Mary & Hans Dampf MTB tyre. These tyres are much lighter than a classic downhill tyre yet with extreme lateral stability. The Magic Mary & Hans Dampf MTB Tyre Combo are a lightweight, robust tyre with incredibly strong and resistant Snakeskin sidewalls.Everything has been tuned for control and maximum riding fun. The tread functions with absolute poise and is well behaved in every situation like difficult terrain on single-track.FeaturesApplication: Enduro, DownhillDimensions: 27.5 inch inch x 2.35 (60-584)Compound: Trailstar, PaceStarExecution: Snakeskin sidewalls, TL-EasyFoldTubeless Technology Please Buy Schwalbe Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store.

TheMaxxis Ardent 26 inch MTB Folding Tyrecomes with a aggressive tread in high-volume casing, designed with great traction in mind. The Ardent doesnt forget the racer, with large block-style side knobs offering numerous edges for high-speed cornering.The center tread, while ideal for braking and accelerating traction, also features ramped knobs to minimize rolling resistance. With a wide variety of size offerings, the Ardent captures every mountain riders needs.Features: Foldable Bead- Foldable beads also keep the tire secured to the rim but are lighter weight and easily transported. The bead is made of spun aramid or Kevlar fibers. Size: 26 x 2.5 TPI: 70a Weight: 705g, MAX PSI: 120 Size: 26 x 2.4 TPI: 70a Weight: 805g, MAX PSI: 120 Please BuyMaxxis Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Grand Prix 4000 S II is the reference tyre in the road bike market and has gone through numerous stages of evolution. Our flagship tyre now gets a facelift! The discreet bead strip allows us to colour coordinate the tyre to match your bike perfectly without losing the BlackChili tread performance. We have also expanded the size range with an additional 28mm version added. This provides improved grip in poor riding conditions, increased puncture protection and greater comfort. The proven aspects of the 4000 S II remain unchanged. Vectran Breaker for unsurpassed puncture protection, advanced BlackChili Compound for low rolling resistance and sensational grip, and handmade in Germany of course! Vectran is spun from Vectra liquid crystal polymer, which results in a thread that is thermoplastic and has multifi laments. This semicrystalline material is harder then aramid, has five times higher tensile strength than steel and in addition, is also lighter than comparable nylon thread. Vectran maintains these attributes even in the most adverse weather conditions. Specifications: ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI23-622 700 x 23C 205 Folding Vectran Breaker 110 120 3/330 25-622 700 x 25C 225 Folding Vectran Breaker 95 120 3/330 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The Minion DHF Front MTB Tyre from Maxxis was designed for the often loose and muddy conditions of aggressive all mountain terrain. The DHF incorporates ramped knobs for low rolling resistance and channel-cut knobs to increase gripping edges, giving straight-line control and precise cornering.Tubeless ReadyTubeless tyres provide the rider with many benefits: the ability to run lower air pressures, which improves traction; lower rolling resistance when compared to a tube-type tyre; and less chance of flatting since there is no tube. Maxxis Tubeless Ready tyres provide the benefits of a UST tubeless tyre without the weight penalty.EXOAn extremely cut-resistant and abrasion-resistant material added to the sidewalls of select mountain tyres. This densely woven fabric is also lightweight and highly flexible, ensuring that the performance of the tyre remains unaffected.FeaturesBead: FoldableDimensions: 27.5x2.3Terrain: MudTPI: 60Type: StandardUse: Tubeless ready Please Buy DT Swiss Road Wheels from my recommend store.

As the tubular version of our world leading clincher tyre the Grand Prix entices professional cyclists with its new technology. A seamlesscasing design improves the rim seating, uniformity and rollingresistance.The name, the dynamic tread design and of course a Vectran puncture protection breaker state the high ambitions of this tyre. Also includes the innovative BlackChili tread mixture. What will you fit toyour carbon road wheels? Specifications:ETRTOSizeWeightBeadTechnologyPSI - Rec. InflationPSI - Max InflationPly/TPI28"x22mm270gn/aVectranBreaker, BlackChili1151704/240 Please Buy Continental Wheels & Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The CrossMark is the dramatic evolution of the cross country racing tire. The nearly continuous center ridge flies on hardpack, yet has enough spacing to grab wet roots and rocks. The slightly raised ridge of side knobs offers cornering precision never before seen on a tire this fast.Features:Fast rolling center ridge. Raised side knobs for better corneringSize: 26x2.25TPI: 60 Max PSI: 65 Durometer: 60a Please Buy Maxxis Tyres from my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.

The popular Durano has a completely new profile and is now 10g lighter. Its outstanding qualities remain: Extremely high mileage, Dual Compound for best grip - even training on wet winter roads and a proven RaceGuard protection belt.Features:Size:ETRTO 23-622 (700x23C), ETRTO 25-622 (700x25C), ETRTO 28-406 (20x1.10"), ETRTO 28-451 (20x1.1/8")Type:WiredCompound:DualExecution:RaceGuardColor:BlackSkin:LiteWeight:23c: 305g ; 25c: 335g; 20x1.1": 230g; 20x1.1/8": 255g;Pressure:23c: 6.00 - 10.00 Bar (85 - 145psi); 25c: 6.00 - 8.00 Bar (85 - 115psi); 20x1.1": 6.00 - 8.00 Bar (85 - 115psi); 20x1.1/8": 6.00 - 8.00 Bar (85 - 115psi)EPI:67Profile:HS464Technologies:Raceguard: Puncture protection level 4. A double layer of nylon fabric. Good protection for light and sporty tyres.Performance Line: Excellent quality for intensive use. These are the best value for money tyres in Schwalbe's lineup. Please BuySchwalbe Tyresfrom my recommend store.

The Pasela PT is available in a wide range of sizes.PT Belt offers the same great puncture protection that PT Shield offers. The difference is that whereas PT Shield is bead to bead protection, PT Belted is placed only under the tread. Offering puncture protection while shaving off grams.Features: Size: 700 x 23c Bead: Steel ETRTO: 23-622 TPI: 66 Weight: 300g Size: 700 x 25c Bead: Steel ETRTO: 25-622 TPI: 66 Weight: 320g Size: 700 x 28c Bead: Steel ETRTO: 28-622 TPI: 66 Weight: 340g Please Buy Panaracer Tyres from my recommend store.

Cult X Vans collaboration tyre. After great success of the Cult X Vans waffle grips Cult have teamed up once again with Vans to bring there legendary waffle design to a tyre. Featuring 110psi rating and come in a large 2.35 inch size.Features: Wheel Size: 20" x 2.35" Pressure: 110psi Weight: 703g Please BuyCult Wheels & Tyresfrom my recommend store, the Worlds Largest Online Bike Store.